017 – The balance with life, physical and mental health

Health is such an important thing for us as humans to maintain. Health allows you to live longer but also gives you the ability to accomplish more of the things you want to do, it helps create a better quality of life as you go through your years.

Both physical and mental health are important, making sure you eat well and exercise as well as making sure you take time for yourself, to enjoy your life and what you have accomplished.

These go hand in hand, and there is a balance needed between the two. If you focus too much about either one, the other one will take a hit. If all you do is go to the gym because you want to be fit, but you feel bad if you miss a day, or don’t lift as much weight and beat yourself up over that, then that affects your mental health. If you focus too much on making the right meals to eat and meal prepping calories out to a T, but sit on the couch and never get out and exercise, that will hurt your physical health, even though you eat well. You really need to have a balance & combination of the two.

There is also a third thing that needs to be taken into consideration as well, and that is simply enjoying life. Seeing friends, doing fun activities, and living your life. There is no point at being so at peace with yourself mentally, if you can’t have a conversation with people, or being so regimented with your eating and activity that you can’t enjoy sitting around having a beer and watching a Netflix show with your mates.

We are human, which means we have desires, frustrations, ups and downs, and trying to focus too much on a super strict health balance can take away from experiencing what it’s like to be alive.

The key to a good balance is staying away from extremes on either side. Be dedicated but don’t let it consume you completely. Unless you’re a monk or a bodybuilder, then I guess that might be different. I see this far too much, where people get so involved in certain parts of their life they don’t maintain balance.

I am someone who has a hard time with a work-life balance and has for many years. It takes conscious effort for me to tell myself to turn off and relax with some chips and a movie. I wanted to bring this up because I hardly noticed that I had this problem until I noticed it in others and realized that I was just as bad, if not worse. This is almost a public reminder to myself to really work on that each day.

The hardest thing about this is motivation. I love being fit and healthy, I love working, I love playing video games, I love my friends and I love my healthy walks (sometimes for hours), but I need to maintain that balance, and remember to take time for myself. Remember that it motivates me more to do each thing, if I take that break from each one, making me much more productive in each aspect of my life. I hope if any of you have this similar feeling, this may help you realize it and find balance.

To help motivate yourself, sign up to classes with a friend, or go to the gym with a friend each day, keep each other on track, go for coffee, take one night off a week to watch a movie, whatever your struggle with, find that balance and make a conscious effort to stick to that.

Make sure you take time to meditate, or just ponder, as I talked about in my article (013) having a coffee break helps me do this, and can help me re-focus myself.

Until next time, always be creating.


Published by ANAK

I am the creator behind the ANAK Creates. I am a music producer, songwriter, audio engineer, editor, film maker, vlogger, musician and photographer. I just moved from Toronto to Vancouver and started a Vlog of my adventures. Find ANAK Creates on YouTube.

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