031 – What is ANAK Creates?

For those of you who don’t really know what ANAK Creates is, let me explain the grand vision a bit further. It’s best if you know now because you’re just going to keep hearing about it constantly since it is one of the biggest focuses and a huge undertaking for me.

My overall plan for it is very large and ambitious, but I have not been more excited about something in a long time. It is always changing and I’m working on it constantly, so I’m sure there will be many articles about the things I learn through this whole process of starting my own business.

I guess first I should answer the first thing, WHAT IS ANAK?

ANAK is my initials for my full name. Alex N.A. Krotz (I’ll leave my middle names out of it, not really important). Now, why is it so important to me? Not because of what it means in different languages (apparently it means Child in one place, and is a great warrior in another culture) but because it is also my Dad’s initials. He has a different name, but we both share the same initials, and for my whole life, the ANAK name has been around. When I started my first recording studio it was ANAK Studio, and I had ANAK Productions and many other things. So that leads to this.


ANAK Creates is my new brand, it’s a platform I’m creating to educate and inspire people in audio production, engineering, pro tools skills, the music industry, living a creative life, and professionalism in a creative career. Most of it is directed at people who are creative in the music and audio space, but it extends to anyone interested in a creative field.

I am starting a YouTube channel where I will have vlogs where people can get to know me since I believe the best education and inspiration comes with a personality. I will also be putting up audio production tutorials, including Pro Tools tips and tricks, audio mixing, engineering and production and much more.

I have also started the ANAK Creates Podcast where I discuss the audio industry, technology, professionalism, and living your best creative life. Currently, it’s a solo show, but I will have a few guests lined up to come on to the show in the future. I think this will appeal to more people than just people in the music industry. People who are interested in how music is made, how that industry works (since it is such a huge part of everyone’s daily lives) or anyone interested in a creative field will get some value from the show.

I also have a website I put all these things on, a blog there where I will make blog versions of my tutorials and podcasts and share different things that I feel people would find interesting or valuable.

I also have different services I do as a freelancer, such as my photography, my video production & video editing and Squarespace web design. I have a store as well, where currently people can buy prints or digital versions of my pictures, but I will have audio products like presets, samples, templates, and courses coming as well.

I am also creating some audio production courses, pro tools courses, and writing books within this space as well. Obviously, there are a lot of more long term things in here, but I am already working on plans for all of this.

It has been a really interesting adventure so far and continues to be while I am learning how to create all this content, market it, and how to gain followers and reach out to the people while maintaining my sanity. In a future entry, I’ll talk a bit more about my journey and why I wanted to start this whole brand and education platform.

Until then, always be creating.


Published by ANAK

I am the creator behind the ANAK Creates. I am a music producer, songwriter, audio engineer, editor, film maker, vlogger, musician and photographer. I just moved from Toronto to Vancouver and started a Vlog of my adventures. Find ANAK Creates on YouTube.

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