033 – The Morning of Unfortunate Events

Have you ever had one of those days, where nothing is seeming to go right? One of those days where you could completely justify simply giving up and crawling back into bed to watch the entire new season of Stranger Things in one sitting and no one would question you.

Well, that’s the type of day I had the other day, but somehow managed to sort of turn it around.

It started out like any less than ideal morning, my alarm just kept going off, and I kept hitting snooze because I really didn’t feel like tackling the day quite yet. After a few rounds of duking it out the the clock, I finally decided to get up. By this point it was 6:45 am, a full hour after I had intended to get out of bed. I jumped in the shower, had my bulletproof coffee for breakfast while trying to finish the work of listening through to my latest podcast episode so I could finalize and get it out on time. I got through it, but that caused me to be late for my 7:30 coffee with Nikki.

I grabbed a bike-share and bolted down to the coffee shop. It was less of a coffee date, and more like coffee co-working. However, the problem was, after a few emails and a limited amount of work, I hit a wall and had no creativity or drive. This doesn’t happen to me very often, but it hit me like a fully loaded train. I was not feeling like myself and was feeling a bit down, and I’m still not sure why. Regardless, I ended up being completely unproductive for over half an hour, which for me is a long time.

After Nikki announced she was having a great time, I decided it was best to get away since that wasn’t helping me feel any better. I decided to take a bike down to the water and bike along False Creek to Granville Island with the plan to read my book in the sun. All was going fine, and just as I thought maybe I might be able to salvage the day, even just a little bit, it took a turn for the worst.

I got hit by a car. 

That’s right. As I was biking across the bike crosswalk, a car decided not to look, didn’t see me, and drove right into me. This knocked the bike out from under me (I’m okay) but at that moment, all I could think was to get off the road. I grabbed my bike, scurried off the road, and the driver just rolled down his window to say “Sorry!” before driving off.

They never got out of the car, and they didn’t seem to care if I was okay, neither did anyone else for that matter.

I hobbled my way to the grassy area at the end of the island where I wanted to go lay and read my book. My leg was a bit sore, but nothing too serious, and I had scraped up my hand which was bleeding and pretty painful. I proceeded to lay on the grass, put my hat over my head and have a mild breakdown.

After about half-hour of feeling bad for myself about my less than fortunate morning, I finally was able to hold it together enough to read my book and try to take my mind off things. I managed to finish my book (one I had been working on for the past few months slowly on and off) and started another book which I was very excited to finally be reading.

It didn’t quite get all better after this though. Around 12:30 I decided I was hungry and due to get some food. I went to the overpopulated Granville market to find lunch. I found a chicken skewer and took it outside for a relaxing lunch on this beautiful day. However, the seagulls had a different idea in mind and decided that this was the day they also wanted a chicken skewer plate. They dive-bomb attacked me, attempting to take the food right off my plate, TWICE!!!

This made me annoyed and questioning if the world really did have it out for me that day. I had to fearfully finish eating my lunch huddled over my food with one eye on the sky keeping watch for the crazy birds. 

I then decided that I was done with this, and if I wasn’t going to achieve anything on my todo-list that I would at least do something fun. I wrote 6 pages on 2 new ideas for projects that I want to do (which I can’t share yet) and achieved an amazing start to both of these projects. This allowed me to end off my day feeling at least neutral, not good, not bad, but neutral.

This is my story of a less than ideal day that I managed to turn around, making the best I could out what I had. Hope this was either inspiring or entertaining!

Until next time, Always Be Creating.


Published by ANAK

I am the creator behind the ANAK Creates. I am a music producer, songwriter, audio engineer, editor, film maker, vlogger, musician and photographer. I just moved from Toronto to Vancouver and started a Vlog of my adventures. Find ANAK Creates on YouTube.

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