049 – A Shift and Focus

For just over a year now, I have been freelancing. The past month marks a year since I moved to Vancouver to have a change in my life and to pursue different aspects of my creativity besides just being a studio engineer. This was a great decision and allowed me to learn so much about myself; what I like, what I don’t like, what makes me thrive, and also what doesn’t.

Over the last year of building ANAK Creates, I have been trying to figure out my best avenue to output my knowledge about making music and the music industry. I knew from the start that I wanted to be able to help people make the best music they could by bringing my top-of-the-professional-industry knowledge to everyone, but I hadn’t totally figured out the best way for me to execute this. The problem was I had many ideas they all felt great, so I wanted to pursue them all. My vision of how it was going to play out shifted constantly while developing my ideas while allowing me to be able to do the things I wanted to do with my life.

Now, a year later, I have decided that it’s time to really drive forward with one avenue, make more of a concrete plan of the road ahead, where to start and where to add the other pieces. Now that I’ve seen my ideas start to consolidate, I am feeling much more confident with my vision. 

Over the past month, I’ve started working on that plan. I have taken a step back from a lot of what I was doing, and I have focused on future planning. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be perfecting it, and (very important) putting it down on paper. I need to write it out so I can see the path, the end goal, and breaking down the steps and the order of things to move toward my ultimate goals.

I know things will still get “in the way” and I will keep finding different things that I will want to pursue, but now over the next year, I will have my plan that I will be following out first and foremost. 

As I put together this detailed plan with my goals I get more and more excited to really shift in and focus on what I want to do and how I now see my business really getting going. I can’t wait to share with you everything I have planned as it begins to unfold.

If you are in the same boat, remember that it’s okay to keep jumping around and exploring, that is how you really discover new things you enjoy, but at a certain point, you do need to pick something to dive in and focus on to give it everything you have.

Until next time, always be creating.



Published by ANAK

I am the creator behind the ANAK Creates. I am a music producer, songwriter, audio engineer, editor, film maker, vlogger, musician and photographer. I just moved from Toronto to Vancouver and started a Vlog of my adventures. Find ANAK Creates on YouTube.

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