054 – The Power of Accountability

This goes along with the theme of my last post. Recently, I was with some friends, and we were discussing productivity and motivation to move forward with projects, something that we can all find difficult sometimes. When it comes to personal projects, it’s so easy to put it off and say “I’ll do that tomorrow” but that just keeps repeating, and nothing ever seems to happen because there’s no real deadline.

There is a great solution to this, something I like to employ myself. When you tell someone your goals, they become much more real.

One of my friends had a great way of doing this, he has something he calls “Sunday Sessions” where himself and 2 of his friends get together for coffee or breakfast and discuss their past week, and what they want to accomplish in the following week. They help each other brainstorm ideas to move forward, giving an outside perspective to help others accomplish their goals effectively and offering help where they can. 

Most importantly, this meeting provides accountability. They know that by telling the others what they want to accomplish in the next week, they then have a deadline of the next “Sunday Session” to accomplish that, or at least show their progress. It takes away that feeling of not having a deadline and helps hold you accountable to actually take action on your tasks. 

That is the little push someone needs when sitting on the couch thinking “I’ll do it tomorrow” and instead thinks “I should do it now because I can’t put it off too long or I’ll have to admit I didn’t do that, and for no good reason”.

When you come across a snag or something that you don’t know how to get around, you then have those friends to help brainstorm different ways to move forward, which can be very comforting, and you know that you’ll get that help at the next meeting.

Are you going to try this? Set up a regularly scheduled meeting with some friends that you feel would be good for brainstorming and keeping you motivated and see how it works!

Until next time, always be creating.



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