058 – Re-energizing my creativity

This past weekend I went on a trip to Apex Mountain Ski Resort with 11 friends, some of which I knew quite well, others I hardly knew at all. Over the weekend we met some new friends and overall had an amazing time.

We rented an Airbnb a few minutes from the slopes, which had a hot tub, sauna and a wood fireplace. It was really cozy and accommodated all 11 of us.

Some of us spend 1 or 2 days skiing, a few others didn’t ski at all and sat in the hot tub all day, but everyone got what they wanted out of the trip. While everyone was so diverse and fun to be around, the fact that there were a number of creatives there really made this trip amazing for me.

My friend Zack and I both make youtube videos and vlog, Dan is a videographer, and Brian is a photographer. On the first night there, the 4 of us sat around discussing cameras & lenses for an hour or 2. Because there were 4 of us, everyone just left us to do our thing which was really nice.

Being surrounded by other creators is very refreshing. When you have others to pull that energy from, instead of feeling like you are holding others back. For example, on our way up to the resort, we pulled over and Zack and I took a bunch of photos and drone footage on the side of the road. Even though our girlfriends were just wishing we would get back on the road, we had each other to lean on and we ended up getting some amazing footage.

These interactions really help re-energize my creativity. The trip was a nice removal from day-to-day life, relaxing and fun, but I also was creatively fulfilled. I often find myself very antsy during “vacation” trips because I feel like I haven’t done anything and wasted my time (that comes from being a workaholic) but after this trip, I came home fired up to get back to creating more.

Always remember to take time to yourself, but do what you love with no pressure other than self-fulfillment.

Until next time, always be creating.



Published by ANAK

I am the creator behind the ANAK Creates. I am a music producer, songwriter, audio engineer, editor, film maker, vlogger, musician and photographer. I just moved from Toronto to Vancouver and started a Vlog of my adventures. Find ANAK Creates on YouTube.

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