062 – Helping Others Succeed

One of the most satisfying things is to help others with their problems and also celebrate their wins.

Many people let their competitive side come out in subtle ways when people ask for their help. They don’t want to be overshadowed or feel like their being taken advantage of.

The truth is, the more you help others, the more you are excited for/with them when they have a leap forward, and the more you give them credit for helping you out when your own wins, it will come back around.

For example, when I see someone else giving credit where credit is due, it makes me more willing to help if they ask me since I know knowing that it will be appreciated. However, when I see someone claim they did something all on their own (when you now they didn’t) I would be much less likely to give them a hand if they ask in the future.

It’s not that I want the credit, it’s just hard to help someone who takes advantage of others.

The more we all help each other, the more we all grow and the further ahead we all get.

Keep that in mind when someone asks you questions, make sure to really help, and you will be rewarded down the road. Unless you already know they are selfish.

Until next time, always be creating.



Published by ANAK

I am the creator behind the ANAK Creates. I am a music producer, songwriter, audio engineer, editor, film maker, vlogger, musician and photographer. I just moved from Toronto to Vancouver and started a Vlog of my adventures. Find ANAK Creates on YouTube.

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