022 – The ANAK Creates Website Soft Launch

I know I have been a bit behind on my posting recently, and I did say that I wanted to write every day. However, something like ‘your friend who you haven’t seen in a long time over to visit’ comes up, I think that would be considered a valid excuse. So, let’s look at theContinue reading “022 – The ANAK Creates Website Soft Launch”

021 – The 5-minute rule for maximum productivity

In a recent article, I wrote about taking action (article 014) and in that article I wrote about deconstructing your goals, working backwards to where you are today to find your plan of action. However, what I did not get very into detail about is how to break those tasks down to the smallest levelContinue reading “021 – The 5-minute rule for maximum productivity”

020 – My Apple Watch Streak Addiction

In article 016, I talked about the balance in health, between body and mind and being motivated. Part of my motivation that helps me stay on track is my Apple Watch activity rings. I know that may sound a bit strange, but it really works! Activity Rings If you don’t know what that is letContinue reading “020 – My Apple Watch Streak Addiction”

019 – Always keep your old friends close

We all have those old friends, those friends that have been in our lives for a long time, the friends that have just always there. The friends that no matter how long you go between talking, you always pick up right where you left off, and are always on the same page. The friends youContinue reading “019 – Always keep your old friends close”

018 – Don’t overthink things

Yes, planning is fantastic, planning out your trips, your meals, organizing your week and thinking about the tasks you need to do. However, things can be over thought as well. You don’t need to plan that trip down to every 5 mins of walking on the beach. Research is great, but at some point, youContinue reading “018 – Don’t overthink things”

017 – The balance with life, physical and mental health

Health is such an important thing for us as humans to maintain. Health allows you to live longer but also gives you the ability to accomplish more of the things you want to do, it helps create a better quality of life as you go through your years. Both physical and mental health are important,Continue reading “017 – The balance with life, physical and mental health”

016 – Catching the sunrise

As I have discussed before on this blog, I love my routine of waking up at 5 am, it’s early and before everyone else, and basically at the same time as the sun. Yesterday, I pushed that even farther, and woke up at 3:30 am, was out the door by 4:15 am, because my friendContinue reading “016 – Catching the sunrise”

015 – The decision to finally share my blog

This is the 15th post on this blog, and that means I’ve been doing this for 15 days now. Up until now, I have made a conscious decision to not really share this blog with anyone. Heck, my father literally found out about this blog the day I posted #13. That being said, through theContinue reading “015 – The decision to finally share my blog”

014 – Taking Action, the simple question to ask yourself

The first step to accomplishing anything is taking action. I know that makes total sense when you see it in writing, it’s amazing how few people actually seem to follow these words. Now, I’m not saying that I am perfect and that I don’t fall into the same trap sometimes, but it’s so important toContinue reading “014 – Taking Action, the simple question to ask yourself”

013 – Thank you coffee

I have been a longtime coffee fan. My heritage is Dutch, and if you didn’t know already, Dutch people love coffee. More importantly, they love their “coffee break”. However, despite my Dutch roots, however, I did not always enjoy coffee. My love for coffee started in college. My roommates would make a pot and takeContinue reading “013 – Thank you coffee”