012 – Why Podcasts are the future, that is already here

Do you listen to podcasts? If yes, chances are you will agree with what I am about to say and you will want to share it with that friend who does not. If no, then you need to read this and realize why you should be. Podcasts are the way of the future, the futureContinue reading “012 – Why Podcasts are the future, that is already here”

011 – Stepping up my film making

This contains 2 big announcements I am very excited for. So, read on! For those of you who know anything about filmmaking, you will not be very surprised by the fact that I want a gimbal. For those of who don’t know, a gimbal is a piece of electronic equipment that you put your cameraContinue reading “011 – Stepping up my film making”

010 – 5am Wake Up Tips

A friend of mine, who I recently inspired to wake up early, now inspired me to write this by the fact that she has managed to wake up early for over a week now, and loves it! She never thought she would be able to do it, and actually used to call me crazy forContinue reading “010 – 5am Wake Up Tips”

009 – My first nude beach experience

So I am (almost) always willing to try new things, whether it be a new food, new places, or new experiences because I believe that is the way to grow, and you may find something you unexpectedly like! I’m sure we’ve all gone to a restaurant that we’ve been to a million times, but finallyContinue reading “009 – My first nude beach experience”

008 – My daily writing challenge

A week ago, I started writing on this blog. It’s been one week. If you wondered why I put the numbers in the headers of the posts, it’s because I want to write a post each day for as long as I can (maybe a whole year?). The number helps me stay more accountable toContinue reading “008 – My daily writing challenge”

006 – My Sleeping Habits

From reading the title, I’m sure you are expecting me to talk about my bad habits of how I either sleep way too much or how I am an insomniac who lays awake every night watching Netflix. However, neither is the case. I have never really gone to bed before I’m tired because that neverContinue reading “006 – My Sleeping Habits”

004 – The new age of Internet Friends

I remember when I was younger, when chatrooms and social networking was new. I’m not that old now, that age wasn’t long ago! When you think about it, for those of you who remember MySpace, it has already had its rise and fall, and it only started in 2003. Spotify was born in 2006, andContinue reading “004 – The new age of Internet Friends”