032 – Why did I start ANAK Creates?

I discussed what my brand ANAK Creates actually is, but now I want to share more about why I started it. Maybe this will inspire you if you are thinking about embarking on a new project or just want to share your knowledge about something you find interesting or have a talent in. First, weContinue reading “032 – Why did I start ANAK Creates?”

031 – What is ANAK Creates?

For those of you who don’t really know what ANAK Creates is, let me explain the grand vision a bit further. It’s best if you know now because you’re just going to keep hearing about it constantly since it is one of the biggest focuses and a huge undertaking for me. My overall plan forContinue reading “031 – What is ANAK Creates?”

030 – The response to my launch and what I learned

It has been just over a month now since I announced the launch of my website and the ANAK Creates podcast. I wanted to update you on how that went and what I learned from the whole experience. Overall, I have been hearing such amazing feedback. Everyone that has reached out has only had positiveContinue reading “030 – The response to my launch and what I learned”

029 – I’m back! Where’d I go?

I know this is my second post since being “back”, but I did want to just write a little update about what I’ve been doing. First I want to say that part of this blog is to inspire people, but part of it is also to keep a record of my life and what I’veContinue reading “029 – I’m back! Where’d I go?”