047 – Vancouver – The city of nature [Video Project]

It’s official, finally, it’s out! I am so happy to announce this video project that I’ve been working on with my production partner Janik Rai for while now. We spent so much energy coming up with the ideas, filming and editing this project and it was such a great experience. We set out to createContinue reading “047 – Vancouver – The city of nature [Video Project]”

044 – Personal rest day

If you enjoy any kind of physical activity, sports, working out, you know how important taking a rest day is. You need to take a day off every so often, whether it is once a week or every 2 days, those days off are just as important as the days on. The time off givesContinue reading “044 – Personal rest day”

043 – Niagara Falls Batchelor Party

I am back in Ontario, and the first activity on my itinerary was my friend Ryan’s bachelor party. I am in his wedding party at the beginning of October, and this past weekend was his bachelor party in Niagara Falls. I won’t tell you everything that happened, but I will tell you some highlights. ItContinue reading “043 – Niagara Falls Batchelor Party”

042 – My Abbotsford Airport Swoop Experiment

While writing this, I am waiting for my flight. However, this time it’s different than any previous times I was waiting for my flight. I have never been to this airport before, and I have never flown this airline before. There have always been 2 main airlines that I fly on; Air Canada and WestJet,Continue reading “042 – My Abbotsford Airport Swoop Experiment”

041 – Happy September!

Happy September! For some of us, it is also referred to as Tectember (thank you MKBHD) which is a very exciting month. The “us” I’m talking about are Apple fans, since every year in September is the Apple event where they release the new iPhones and other things. However, that is not the point ofContinue reading “041 – Happy September!”

040 – Fireworks, The Honda Celebration of Light

Last weekend was the Honda Celebration of Light in Vancouver. 3 days, 3 countries, 3 extremely epic fireworks shows (25 mins each). I went to catch the final one (which was the Croatia team) with my buddy, and it was just incredible! We didn’t even have to pay, and still had an amazing view! IContinue reading “040 – Fireworks, The Honda Celebration of Light”

037 – Being less productive, by trying to be more productive

I recently talked about committing to things when researching different online services, following through, you learn what you like and what you don’t like about a service. You can find that here. This whole idea stems from a situation that happens often, where I find myself being less productive, by trying to be more productive.Continue reading “037 – Being less productive, by trying to be more productive”

021 – The 5-minute rule for maximum productivity

In a recent article, I wrote about taking action (article 014) and in that article I wrote about deconstructing your goals, working backwards to where you are today to find your plan of action. However, what I did not get very into detail about is how to break those tasks down to the smallest levelContinue reading “021 – The 5-minute rule for maximum productivity”

020 – My Apple Watch Streak Addiction

In article 016, I talked about the balance in health, between body and mind and being motivated. Part of my motivation that helps me stay on track is my Apple Watch activity rings. I know that may sound a bit strange, but it really works! Activity Rings If you don’t know what that is letContinue reading “020 – My Apple Watch Streak Addiction”

019 – Always keep your old friends close

We all have those old friends, those friends that have been in our lives for a long time, the friends that have just always there. The friends that no matter how long you go between talking, you always pick up right where you left off, and are always on the same page. The friends youContinue reading “019 – Always keep your old friends close”