037 – Being less productive, by trying to be more productive

I recently talked about committing to things when researching different online services, following through, you learn what you like and what you don’t like about a service. You can find that here. This whole idea stems from a situation that happens often, where I find myself being less productive, by trying to be more productive.Continue reading “037 – Being less productive, by trying to be more productive”

015 – The decision to finally share my blog

This is the 15th post on this blog, and that means I’ve been doing this for 15 days now. Up until now, I have made a conscious decision to not really share this blog with anyone. Heck, my father literally found out about this blog the day I posted #13. That being said, through theContinue reading “015 – The decision to finally share my blog”

008 – My daily writing challenge

A week ago, I started writing on this blog. It’s been one week. If you wondered why I put the numbers in the headers of the posts, it’s because I want to write a post each day for as long as I can (maybe a whole year?). The number helps me stay more accountable toContinue reading “008 – My daily writing challenge”