055 – I went floating

I tried something new. Something that is apparently for my soul, for my brain, and for my well being. Something to help my mind calm down, slow down and be quiet. 

I tried floating.

For those of you who don’t know, floating is where you go into a tank with saltwater, and when you lay down, it supports your body and you effortlessly float. The tank is fully enclosed, with lights in the water (you can turn them off as well) and speakers, where you have the option of some relaxing music, nature sounds, or a guided meditation. A session is 90 minutes, where you are alone with just your own thoughts and no external stimulation (not even jewelry or clothing) to allow you to dive into your thoughts and into your mind.

So how was my experience? Well, through the 90 minutes it changed multiple times. At one point, I was in a state of zen, I had “nature sounds” playing, and sometimes all I could think about what my breathing and the way my body felt floating weightlessly. Other times, I was thinking about business, about work, about life plans and organizing my thoughts. I came up with some ideas and I organized tasks with action plans to get off my plate. It was interesting to think about my problems and my struggles, and just let my mind wander and sort through things. It was a way to go into deeper, uninterrupted thinking.

This may be amazing for some people who do this on a constant basis, like a weekly session to help plan your week, or even escape life and mediate. For me, my mind is often thinking about work (and I love that), so I am not constantly looking for an escape, but I do know many people who are.

Overall, I’d say I enjoyed myself. I’m not certain whether it was the floating that allowed me to think and relax or the fact that I had set dedicated time aside in my day to sit and relax. Either way, it was a very fun experience and I think people should try it at least once. I don’t think it’s something I will be doing weekly, but I can see myself going again in the future when I have something I want to explore in my head and think about solutions in a different way.

For anyone interested in the place I went to in Vancouver, it’s called The Float House in Gastown.

Until next time, always be creating.



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